New Work

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Beyond the Mudane

Growing up in the '50's and '60's my gender role was pigeonholed into a clearly defined category of femaleness. There were certain expectations of me as a female that were contrary to defined male roles. In "Beyond the Mundane" I give consideration to those objects in the house that are mundane, utilitarian objects: cleaning supplies, electronic parts and construction materials, specially chosen objects that might be associated with...

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Musings on the Mundane

Influenced by the Modernist movement, I explore the formal qualities of abstraction and sculpt everyday materials, scan the fragments layering and forming something new.

Musings on the Mundane is a personal exploration of man-made, household materials used daily yet go unnoticed. We recognize them for their utilitarian purpose; we are unsettled if inventory wanes. They tend to blend within their environment. My impersonal...


Expiration Date

As I become older I become more contemplative. Identity diminishes; youth prevails. My "utility value" is weakened.